Our top-down investment philosophy is summarized by our three core concepts of investing: longer-term time horizons, "true" diversification, and compound dividend income. We believe these concepts are essential to wealth building.

At Richard Bernstein Advisors, we undertake extensive proprietary research to search out unexploited, secular investment themes. These studies provide the foundation for our long-term strategies, which are then balanced with our shorter-term cyclical research. Our comprehensive arsenal of indicators and models examine, among other metrics, corporate profits and earnings surprises, valuation of global and domestic equities, investor sentiment, correlations, liquidity and portfolio structure.

Our risk control process is central to our strategies. Our distinctive approach to measuring and monitoring portfolio risk can be tailored to a client's specific needs.

We believe that the most attractive investment themes begin with a "scarcity of capital", and we search for situations in which the demand for capital outstrips the supply. History demonstrates that such situations may result in years of outperformance.

Although many claim to be expert short-term traders, our research clearly points to the benefits of longer investment time horizons. Therefore, our holding periods tend to be relatively long.

Selected List of Macro Indicators:

  • Proprietary sentiment indicators
  • Global yield curves
  • Pricing indicators and surveys
  • Measures of aggregate earnings revisions and surprises
  • Proprietary global equity market valuation models
  • Proprietary work on asset class and region/country correlation
  • Ad hoc macroeconomic studies
  • Proprietary and Street research on strategy cyclicality

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